• How much does an exhibition stand cost?

    The cost of the exhibition stand is always calculated based on the design since the price depends on trade show location, size, materials, printing area, and furniture. This means there is no simple formula to calculate the price. However, stands are flexible and there is a solution for every budget. Therefore, please let us know your requirements and we will prepare an offer that will meet your individual needs.

  • Can I order additional items on-site?

    If you order something on-site, we will try to fulfill your request, however, we plan all the exhibitions very carefully and pre-construction orders have priority. We strongly advise you to order everything before the construction, since there could be unnecessary delays when ordering on-site.

  • Do I need to deal with an event organiser?

    Yes, you will need to book your stand space and the services provided by them with the organizers. We can help you with everything else from stand design to printing and furniture.

  • What do I need provide in order to get an offer?

    We only give offers based on 3D designs that are made by our in-house designers, so please send us a floor/hall plan you got from the fair, technical regulations or exhibitor manuals together with your requests and wishes. Based on that, we will make you a 3D design and offer.

  • Can you make the graphical design? Do you provide graphic design services?

    No. We do not offer this service. All the exhibitors are requested to send us the graphical design according to our instructions. We then provide the printing service. Graphic requirements.

  • When do I have to send the graphical design for printing?

    All graphical designs, logos, trademarks etc. must be sent in electronic form in compatible files resolution (Graphic requirements.) 5 weeks before start of the exhibition at the latest.

  • I have sent a written confirmation via email. Is that enough?

    No. The final confirmation of the project is the signed contract/offer. Until the contract is not signed, the project is not confirmed.

  • I have my own design. Can you send me a price based on that?

    We can only give an estimate of the price based on your design. To have an exact and official offer we have to redraw the design. This will allow us to determine the specific materials and techniques used, ensuring an exact price calculation.

  • What are your payment terms?

    Our payment terms are 50% of the total amount in advance to confirm the stand production and the remaining 50% of the total amount of the day of the handover.

  • Do you provide electrical distribution, suspension points and other technical services?

    No, these technical services are always provided by the fair or organiser. However, we can help you fill out all the forms and place the order at the online exhibitor shop.

  • Do I need to send in the design for approval with the organiser?

    We always design within the organiser’s technical regulations; however, all the designs need to be sent in for approval with the technical service. We can do that for you.

  • When is the handover?

    The handover of the stand is done the day before the trade show begins in the afternoon. If differently agreed in advance, we can also carry out the handover of the stand earlier.

  • What is the complaint procedure?

    Complaints must be sent on the day of stand handover, they must be submitted in writing and signed on the day of stand handover. The complaint must include a detailed description of the nature of the alleged professional misconduct, as well as photographic evidence.

Other important information and terms

Exhibitor manual: Technical information and rules prescribed by the fair organizer available on the fair's website.

Floor plan: A diagram that shows the position, dimensions and orientation of stands within the hall. The exhibitor usually receives it upon booking the stand space.

Organiser: The company hosting the exhibition and with whom you booked your stand. Your exhibition organiser will provide you with all the vital information, such as the exhibition manual and list of suppliers.

Space only stand: A space only is an empty plot of space on an exhibition floor, nothing else is included. What you choose to do with that space is up to you, although most exhibitors choose to commission a custom stand (through us for example).